Here will my Youtube videos be posted about 3d-models archaeology and other videos I find interesting.

Here is the unboxing of Bambo One from Wacom ! The Bamboo One is a pen and tablet used for makin drawings, 3d-modeling, as an extra mouse and much more together with your computer both Mac and PC!

Here is the unboxing of Koss featherweight stereophones! Comment, rate and subscribe!

This is the unboxing of a LED-lamp for the computer so check it out. Please comment, rate and subscribe! Take a bit of practice to make good unboxing, but I’m on my way :D.

This is my first unboxing video. It is a tripod from König photo for cameras and videocameras so check it out!!

My third Youtube video is a small easter egg. It is how to play Snake on Youtube!!

The second video is also a trailer for the ARATNE so be sure to check it out!!

I’m glad to announce that my first Youtube video is up! It is only an alpha version of a trailer for the site and network and will develop alot more especially since I’ve downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 8 so it will hopefully be alot better than windows movie maker.


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