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Hello world!

I’m glad to tell you that the first unboxing video have been launched at Youtube. The product is a tripod for cameras and video cameras as well from König photo.

Feels good to have done the first video, and more are coming LED-lamp, Wacoom Bambo One and more so stay tuned for more unboxing videos as well as reviews about different products!

More archaeology and technology news are in the works as well, is a very busy week and I’ve been ill also during the weekend and the first two days of this week. But I’m starting getting back on track!

Sorry for not posting any news post today. The reason is I got myself a tripod to my camera and I’m quickly testing it tonight.

It seems like it will be of really good use to me and I will have some content about in the future, unboxing video, review as well as showing results with 3d-models and pointcloud how big difference the tripod makes.

Otherwise I’m busy working as usuall as well as a couple of secret projects are going on and one of them are in planning stage. Much time goes to get everything going here and finding good software for the things I want to do. By the way does anyone know of any good free or open-source software for recording what happens on your desktop? I have one now but I’m not fully satisfied….