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Hello world!

Just wanted to give you all some information what’s going on with the site, why somethings haven’t happened yet and what’s to come!

First why there haven’t been any YouTube videos for a while: Some of them are near completion but lack some polish. I need to shoot the last sequences with a web camera and the one I have ordered have been delayed until the end of September. But I might redo some of the videos a bit so I can post them earlier.

I’m also currently working on an article about experimental archaeology I’ve done with soapstone vessels in combination with digital archaeology as well. This take some time since the article is closing on deadline as well…

I’m also working on an excavation in Sweden outside Landskrona in the southern part of Sweden which have taken most of my awaken time working 40 hours a week. The excavation have ranged from the Early Neolithic to today.

Next week I will be working with some digital archaeology and get some of it published but I will give you more info about that when it is done.

I have also started to look at making a transition to a paid webhotel. This homepage is currently running on the WordPress free service which is really good but is somewhat limiting on what I can do with it. This also hinders me a bit to develop the site the way I want to which is why I’m looking for moving the site to a real web hotel.

I’m also currently negotiating for co-operation with different companies and organisations and in the coming months much will happen :D.

The ARATNE trailer have been on ice for a short while due to lack of time but I will continue working on it in the coming weeks.

I will also start posting more unique posts in different ways about archaeology, technology and a combination of the two there is much to be said and done about these subjects.

As you can see in the menu as well there is still a lot of pages to be established and filled with content. The aim is also to get some content like 3d-models, reviews and more as well in the not to far future. I’m also applying for a job and if I get that it might take some extra time before everything is launched at the blog. But otherwise I will be studying at the university and have some more time to put into the blog and homepage.

But be sure much is going on and I’m hard at work getting a good foundation to this homepage and to the ARATNE network!

Please leave comments and feedback! What would you like to see here, on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter?


Newly done research show that the different Stone Age monuments such as Stonehenge and other hillforts is geometricly placed in the landscape. They can be 100 miles from each other but the difference is just a 100 meters when you form a triangle with the monuments.

According to historian and writer Tom Brooks, the findings show that Britain’s Stone Age ancestors were “sophisticated engineers” and far from barbaric.

He said: ‘To create these triangles with such accuracy would have required a complex understanding of geometry.

‘The sides of some of the triangles are over 100 miles across on each side and yet the distances are accurate to within 100 metres. You cannot do that by chance.

‘So advanced, sophisticated and accurate is the geometrical surveying now discovered, that we must review fundamentally the perception of our Stone Age forebears as primitive, or conclude that they received some form of external guidance.

He have analysed 1500 sites from Norfolk to the northern part of Wales and they all are showing the same thing. But to put hillforts and other monuments on high grounds isn’t rare. Later during human history you often had fires as signal beacons on the high ground as an alarm system. You can often form triangles in many different shapes so in at least some places it won’t be too hard to prove the theory. But he doesn’t mention if there were any forests after the last Ice Age and they would have made it really hard even to see the high grounds if you are in the middle of a forest.

Humans have probably used a lot of different landmarks so if you knew the landmarks you didn’t need to care about if there was a hillfort or any kind of “monument” at the top.

But if Stone Age man really placed them in triangles in purpose they were 2000 years before the Greeks which would change some theories a bit…

Read the full article here