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Jacob Schomann was out on some fishing just outside the Danish town of Vordingborg. It was quite little fish so he spent some of the time looking down into the water.

Suddenly between some rocks he something glimmering in yellow… He got the idea to fish it up. He got it on the hook and he to his surprise it was a heavy gold arm ring from the Viking Age!

The pattern on the arm ring showed it was made in the beginning in the 9th century. The place where it was found was an important trade route during the Viking Age and along the trade route many silver and gold objects have been found.

The finding is one more important evidence of the importance and richness of the trade route. But also maybe of the fear having precious items that was dug down by merchants or someone living in the area that feelt unsure of keeping it visible…

The fisherman will also receive some money for the find from the Danish National museum. This is because since the Middle Ages the Danish King and later the Danish Government should receive all found gold and silver objects and in return the finder got some money. In this way the king/government could display the richness of the cultural heritage in their own country for foreign rulers and governments.

But for us archaeologists it is very unusual finding silver or gold objects the most common metal is iron. But it is beautiful objects and this gold arm ring also bring some more knowledge to the research and maybe brings the possibilities for research excavations in this case maritime archaeology since the shore from the 9th century today is under water….

You can also see a video below where staff from the National Museum in Copenhagen explains why people should return gold and silver objects. (The clip is in Danish).