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At the University of Warwick scientists have started using the Xbox 360 in a new way. When you think of Xbox 360 you often think about games like Halo, Gears of War and maybe xbox live.

But the scientists have started using xbox 360 to fight heart diseases. Dr Simon Scarle a former software engineer from Rare says that the capability of the parallel processing in the xbox 360’s gpu is a great way to model the electric signals that go through damaged heart cells. The gpu works with different chemical levels within a cell instead of showing great graphics as it normally does.

The research could be even more advanced if there were more development tools for this really important work for the xbox 360. If they could connect the consoles to xbox live they could calculate a lot more and quicker. Just hope Microsoft or anyone making development tools for the xbox is up for it and continue to develop the tools needed.

The xbox 360 could use the spare power to calculate the cells even when you are playing games on the xbox. The more use you got of a 360 the better I would say.

The IBM Roadrunner supercomputer, the world’s fastest computer at the moment in the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, uses the same technology as Sony’s PlayStation 3, so home gaming entertainment systems are having a lot of power these days.

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