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Here is the opening cinematic for Fable 3! It is both comedic and tragic, but have you experienced kicking chickens or playing Fable you’ll like this!

A large multi-million £ project have started to discover how the landscape around Stonehenge looked like when the large monument was built.

It will require millions of measurements that needs to be analysed and also it will combined with gaming technology and the result will be 2D and 3D images. The whole project will take three years and this first year 4 kilometers will be covered this year and a total of 14 kilometers will be during the time of the project.

The project leader is Professor Vince Gaffney from the University in Birmingham and he says that the aim is to show people how the area around Stonehenge looked like when the monument was built.

Stonehenge is classified as a World Heritage Site and the whole site will be covered in this project! The money for this project is from the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology, in Vienna, and the University of Birmingham, and  the National Trust and English Heritage. The news is reported from the English BBC.

This will hopefully lead to something good and having hopefully a model of the area around Stonehenge will enable people to visit the site in their computer. Since the many people visiting Stonehenge each year damage the monument a virtual model with the surrounding landscape will both benefit the archaeologists, scientists as well as the public.

In the future models like this could maybe be done to apps both for the Apple products like the Ipad and Iphone but as well released on Xbox live. One possibility would be to use the Kinect (former Project Natal) to navigate and get a feeling of space and move around inside the model!

There are great potential in technology in combination  with archaeology and that haven’t been explored. One reason behind this network and homepage is increasing awareness about technology and archaeology in new ways and see new possibilities.

I will have a lot more posts about this in the future, there are much to investigate, test, build and above all see which technology could be useful for archaeology and to create a pipeline for it!

At the Microsoft event yesterday the X10 more information about the upcoming Xbox 360 game Fable 3 was shown.

Peter Molyneux had earlier said that he would reveal something that would upset people. Internet was buzzing about it would be a Natal-only game which I didn’t really believe in see my earlier post about Fable 3.

That would upset people was that the game doesn’t have any on-screen interface! And because of that no such thing as a health bar and no experience points. Peter Molyneux said that the inspiration came a lot of First-Person Shooter games which often today use the world and looks of the character to show damage etc.

“You will start the game as the 18-year old [child] of your Fable II character,” Molyneux said. “You’ll find that Albion is being ruled by a tyrant. You are going to storm the castle with all of the people who follow you you’re going to take him down and then people are going to come to you and say, ‘You promised you would eradicate slavery.You promised turn factories into orphanages. You promised to stop childhood labor’. “We are going to make your time as a ruler a little bit tough.”

The game will heavily rely on context. The player will guide the Fable 3’s hero and maybe with a wife children and a dog. Yes the dog returns and is promised to be a lot more dog-like than it was in Fable 2. “The dog is much more dog-like… make sure your dog never sees a rabbit. The dog in Fable III hates rabbits.” During the demonstration at X10 Molyneux was looking for the characters missing daughter. The dog felt the scent and could lead to the daughter. The hero then held hands with his daugheter to bring her back home. The game will adopt like this in different kinds of situation. Fable have done this a bit before but will now be much more developed.

As before your character will change it looks depending on what gear you use like swords, axes or if you use a lot of magic as well if you do good or evil deeds. But now your weapon is adapted into this system as well. Do you kill innocent people your weapon will be dripping of blood or it will start glowing if you do good with it. Fable 3 will also include more gore than previous title.

The third thing is to be the king of the world of Albion. In Fable 1 it was mostly getting to know the world and get training, with Fable 2 you became a bit more of a hero. In Fable 3 you will start as an 18 year old child and your first purpose is to attract followers by promising them things like close all factories which has child labour and stuff like that. The later part of the game you will be the king and now people will hold you for what you promise. And it won’t be as easy as it sounds.

And about the Natal? Nothing was said about Fable 3 even having the slightest Natal support. Having no on-screen interface is quite a good idea and probably make the player more immersed in the world. Only problem with that as I can see it now is you can get lost without a map in larger areas.

But hopefully the have some kind of map if the game is big, probably solved like in Elder Scrolls: Oblivion where you access a menu to see the map.

I’m really looking forward to Fable 3 and I really have to finish Fable 2 first. But as it seems now Fable 3 will probably be released at the end of this year.

You can read more about it here and watch a video here

At the University of Warwick scientists have started using the Xbox 360 in a new way. When you think of Xbox 360 you often think about games like Halo, Gears of War and maybe xbox live.

But the scientists have started using xbox 360 to fight heart diseases. Dr Simon Scarle a former software engineer from Rare says that the capability of the parallel processing in the xbox 360’s gpu is a great way to model the electric signals that go through damaged heart cells. The gpu works with different chemical levels within a cell instead of showing great graphics as it normally does.

The research could be even more advanced if there were more development tools for this really important work for the xbox 360. If they could connect the consoles to xbox live they could calculate a lot more and quicker. Just hope Microsoft or anyone making development tools for the xbox is up for it and continue to develop the tools needed.

The xbox 360 could use the spare power to calculate the cells even when you are playing games on the xbox. The more use you got of a 360 the better I would say.

The IBM Roadrunner supercomputer, the world’s fastest computer at the moment in the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, uses the same technology as Sony’s PlayStation 3, so home gaming entertainment systems are having a lot of power these days.

Read the full article here

For all of you out there interested in computer and videogames here comes some news in form of a 4 min long newscast from Game Reactor.

They are talking about a new Sonic game in HD but this time it will finally be back in 2D. I really hope they can do a good Sonic game, it has been too long since the old classic ones. Also a new game from Hideo Kojima most famous for the Metal Gear Solid serie.

See it here

What do you think about the latest Sonic games? Is there any news in the newscast you find particular interesting?

I’m a great fan of World of Warcraft as well as the other classic franchises from Blizzard like Diablo, Starcraft series as well as the RTS (real time strategy)  Warcraft serie.

I’ll probably discuss these games more in detail in the future. But for now I would like to talk about a great movie I found on Youtube about this years Blizzcon event. Blizzcon is an annual event where they talk about Blizzard games, merchandise etc. It’s popularity is enormous. The 20 000 tickets sold out in less than 1 minute! With World of Warcraft having more than 11 million fans worldwide and more millions adding if you look at Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft.

The maker of the movie is a guy called Chris Nguyen, he’s made incredible good editing and put down alot of effort for the movie about this years Blizzcon. Check the video out at:

Give the guy some creed. Even if you not are into playing any form of games check it out anyway to see the players dedication to make costumes, coming togheter and chat about their hobby and almost a way of life for some.  Anyone that plays WoW get in touch with me which server you are on even if you are a former WoW-player and just want to chat.

I think it’s understandable that players of Blizzard games do so much cosplay. Cosplay is when you dress up as characters, monsters etc from a game, tv-show, anime, manga and so on. It’s amazing how much time and effort people put into it but you could look into american football, soccer, ice hockey and just see the same dedication from people.