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Hello world!

CES is now over and there seemed to be a lot of cool items but not sure how useful everything will be. For archaeology probably the most important thing showed on CES that I’m aware of is of course the increase in computer processors like the Intel 32 nanometer. Since archaeologists often work with more and more complex databases faster computers is great and needed. But it is quite rare to be honest that archaeologists get really fast computers at work, they are often one or two years old or even more is my experience. But it will be nice to be able to handle more information faster especially since databases often ends up with containing tens of thousands of posts.

One good thing as well to connect to archaeology is that the CPU will handle more calculations to help the GPU on the graphics cards especially since 3d-animation and running complex GIS-operations is more and more common. It feels like a bit going back to when the graphics card started to handle CPU and now it is the other way around. Who doesn’t remember the good old Voodoo 2 cards and Riva TNT 2 :D? So 2010 will probably be a good year for both tech nerds, archaeologists and the public in general.

But into the current computer “project” I’m currently working on. I’m currently running Windows Vista home premium 32-bit and it is ok. But it feels sometimes a bit slow and things I’ve read about Windows 7 was mostlyquite good. It seems to be almost as fast as Windows xp and faster than Windows Vista. A very good friend of mine have installed Windows 7 and showed it to me (thanks man!) and it seemed to be really good. It was a lotfaster and some good functions some similar to the ones seen in Snow Leopard on the Mac computers.

So now I’m cleaning my hard drives since I want to run two OS. I want to keep Vista on one partion and install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on the other one. This is mostly to see so all my most important programs can run on Windows 7 so I’ll keep Windows Vista until I know everything I have, both software and hardware are running fine on Windows 7.

If I’m lucky and got the time I’ll try to install Windows 7 tomorrow Wednesday and I hopefully will get everything to work. If it works or at least my computer is still functioning I’ll post some results here on the blog tomorrow. And in the future I’ll probably post more about my expressions about Windows 7 when it is running compared to Windows Vista for all of you out there like me is thinking on upgrading or if you should wait a while or getting a new PC or Mac and run Windows 7 on it.

So stay tuned for more updates about Windows 7 install!

USB 3.0 is shown at CES, the new (probably) standard for USB is coming in new technology soon. USB 3.0 is also called SuperSpeed which is a hint of its speed. USB 3.0 and a Intel SSD had a transfer rate at over 200 mb/sec which is really fast. The USB 3.0 is backwards compatible and will work with your old USB stuff but you won’t get the fast speed with old gear connected to USB 3.0. More and more motherboards are coming which has USB 3.0 and especially Gigabyte have the biggest support of the new standard, but most of the motherboards only have a few USB 3.0 port and still mostly USB 2.0.

But the battle doesn’t seem to be over just yet. Intel have been working on a standard they call Light Peak. They have been very successful doing tests with Light Peak driving a big HD display as well as saturating an SSD RAID all over one cable! They were running on OS X.

You can read more about USB 3.0 here

and a video about Intel’s Light Peak here

So the battle aren’t over yet in my opinion and it will be interesting to see what standard which will replace USB 2.0. With ever-increasing amounts of data a new fast standard will be important for more or less all users in the end whether you want it or not…

I have watched the keynotes from Microsoft and Intel on CES.

First on to Microsoft, they had of course a lot of things going on. Much of the keynote was as usual a lot of talking about how good everything was and that especially the xbox 360 was really great.

Windows 7 had some attention and it seems to be quite a popular OS and will probably continue to grow during the whole of 2010. I haven’t yet tested Windows 7 but I’m thinking about maybe having both Vista and Windows 7 before deciding to convert. Windows 7 have multi touch support which also showed as Microsoft will launch together with other companies as what they call Slatepc’s. They are meant to be for e-reading, surfing and entertainment on the go.

Microsoft also expressed that they will continue to develop Bing Microsoft’s search engine with more functions as for example Bing maps which let you go to 3D in street view. But some critique to this is a lot of areas in the world it doesn’t give a 3d-view since there are not enough satellite information. Focus is as always USA for Microsoft but it will continue to expand across the world more and more as seen with the Xbox 360.

Talking about Xbox 360 Microsoft will launch the new “controller” which they call Project Natal this holiday in 2010. It is not really a controller in the ordinary way. It is more of a camera that let’s you control the movements on the screen with your own body. I think this is quite exciting since it is a different way to control your game. But since Nintendo launched Wii I don’t think it’s such a big improvement yet. It is like playing a Wii but with a bit more moving your body and without controls in your hands. But I hope they improve it and make it more interactive as seen in previous demos of Natal, but the future will show…

Intel’s keynote was a lot about computer processors of course launching their new 32 nanometers with 1 billion transistors! Intel really seems to be hard at working on improving processors. If they succeed they will be a big name in tech industry with new 3d-televions coming and as well as more advanced computer rendering which takes a lot of processing power. The fourth coming Shrek movie requires 9x the amount of calculations for computers as the first one did.

This was a bit about CES so far and stay tuned for more tomorrow.

You can also check in the official homepage of CES here

Hi everyone!

Once again I’m back from my silence. A lot have happened in my life which I couldn’t affect.

The saddest part have been that I’ve lost a very dear friend of mine just before Christmas in a train accident. He was 23 years old and a really happy guy and a great friend, may he rest in peace.

That’s the biggest reason for not blogging, I was very sad and just needed to be with my family and friends for a while. But life goes one and I will remember him for who he was and he will always be with me.

I have also finally finished my essay about the medieval church I was investigating and that felt really good :D. I will come back to the church in a later post and discuss the results and churcharchaeology since it is quite exciting.

For the next semester this spring I will only do my Bachelor thesis so I will have more time, looking for work and other stuff like blogging of course.

The blog will receive much more attention which is needed one reason is of course you my readers and subscribers really deserve it as well it develops me on a personal level as well as an archaeologist.

But is there any better to way to relaunch this blog but with the ongoing CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

I will post stuff from that I find interesting as well as maybe connecting it to archaeology if there is any cool gadgets for that.

And if you are interested in any special subject or gadget, let me know and I’ll check it up. I’m an archaeologist as well as a tech-geek more or less so CES is really great :D.

So stay tuned for some tech news coming your way!