Who is the person behind this site?

My name is Fredrik Larsson 25 years old and currently working as an archaeologist in Sweden. My biggest interests is archaeology, history and technology.

I have studied at Lunds University and have a Master’s degree in Archaeology with focus on Scandinavia from about 15 000 BC to 1050 AD. I also got a Bachelor degree in Historical Archaeology 1050AD-til today.

So I excavate everything there is :D. But my main focus is the Iron Age and the Middle Ages. I also have been excavating some in Greenland in the Nuuk fjord on the southwestern part of Greenland. There I focused on the Norse period 970AD-1450AD and the trade between Greenland and Scandinavia (especially Norway) with soapstone, iron and walrus products as hides and tusks.

I have written a lot of essays for my different degrees. First one was about the “Trelleborgar” the timber castles that was constructed in Denmark and Scania probably by Harald the Bluetooth in 950-980AD. They were circular fortresses up til 200 meters in diameters with longhouses inside. My main focus was why the trelleborgar wasn’t used for more than 20-30 years with one exception.

The second one was about the already mentioned excavation in Greenland and with focus on trade as well as a bit about soapstone quarries.

The third one focused on western and eastern hundred of Göinge in the northeastern part of Scania in southern part of Sweden. The focus was to look at the area during the Iron Age and from the study of settlements and find of artifacts see how people colonized the area and to see if it was possible to see any central area during the Iron Age.

The fourth one was about a small medieval chuch in Göinge that was demolished during the late 19th century. The church had quite unusual paintings with a bishop making a boiling pot ready for the people which should burn in hell… There was also a runic inscription which said Jesus from Nazareth with runes dated to the 14th century which is quite late and made it very interesting. The church was briefly investigated and some photos remains of the paintings. The written documents from the demolition of the church said that the walls so strong so they had to blow it up with dynamite! There was also ancient graves in the church floor but they where not documented…

The fifth and the latest one was investigating the village of Örja just outside Landscrona in the western part of Scania in the southern part of Sweden. I investigated who owned the farms in the village during the Middle Ages, who built the first church in Örja and I also looked at if there was any large farms, hall buildings or centers of the nobility. I used archaeological material as reports, artifacts and such as well as written sources everything from letters from the Middle Ages to how much tax the farmers should pay. I also found maps from the 18th century very useful.

I’m also currently working in Örja as an archaeologist in one of the biggest excavations in Sweden this year. We are excavating four historical farms as well as an Iron Age settlement. It is a very exciting excavating with a lot of new information and knowledge generated from the archaeology which wasn’t possible to capture from the material I used for my earlier report.

I will probably post more information about my different reports and probably publish them online in a while 😀

Easiest way to to contact me is either post a comment somewhere on this site or join our Facebook group Archaeology and Tech and leave me a message there!

Here will be contact information and a presentation about the man behind Archaeology and Tech

Here will also be information about the software, hardware and equipment that is used

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