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A new almost complete skeleton of a dinosaur have been found in central Spain. The dinosaur was about 6 meter long (20 feet) and was named Concavenator Corcovatus which means more or less the hunchback hunter from Cuenca. The dinosaur had two raised backbones each 40 centimeters taller than the dinosaurs vertebrae.

It is believed that the hump was used for storing fat as on a camel. It could also have been used for display between fighting males. It could also have been used as a cooling system for the dinosaur regulating the temperature inside the body.

The theories are many and hopefully more research will reveal what the hump was used for. Finds of new unknown dinosaurs happen now and again which shows there is a lot to be done.

Through laserscanning and 3d-modelling the dinosaurs can also come to life in better and more realistic ways, it is also possible to better calculate how and how fast the dinosaur was moving!

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Over 3,000 dinosaur foot-prints have been discovered at Zhucheng in China also known as the “Dinosaur City”. It is probably one of the largest collection of tracks so far that we know of. It is also said to have on of the world’s largest grouping of dinosaur fossils which makes this area highly interesting for scientists and dinosaur hunters.

Wang Haijun who is a senior engineer at the Chinese Academy of Sciences together with his team says the tracks are more than 100 million years old and is from 4 to 32 inches in size. The tracks are all going in the same direction which makes it possible that a big group of dinosaurs were migrating or running away from one or more predators who was on the hunt. Paleontologists can often tell how fast animals was moving based on the tracks and this remarkable find can hopefully give some more light on how dinosaurs moved as well as how fast. The scientists might also discover which species of dinosaurs that moved together.

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