The new wooden henge not a new Stonehenge but a burial? The discussion has begun!

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Archaeology, Excavation, History, Tech
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A newly found probable timber construction have been found by magnetic radar was interpreted as a new henge but that it had been a wooden one equal to the world-famous Stonehenge….

But now other archaeologists doubt it and Tim Darvill, from Bournemouth University in southern England, thinks it is most likely a barrow, or prehistoric tomb.

Since the place aren’t going to be excavated it will be hard to tell what it really is until there is an excavation. But the area around Stonehenge is rare to have excavations nowadays but it seems to have been quite a large area and much discoveries again and again.

Last year an another henge called the Blue Henge was found and you could read about it here and you could read about the new wooden henge/burial/burrow here

But whatever the examination shows it shows the great value in this case of combining archaeology and technology. To examine an area with a magnetic radar revealed the previously unknown monument even if the research have been going on in the area since the 18th century. By magnetic radar it is possible to discover much underground and it is also a undamaging technique which means the remains of a site is not destroyed in any way. But you get important information as well as if there will be an excavation archaeologists knows a lot better what to expect. I think georadar and magnetic radars will be more common as a preview of an area before excavations begin, in this way it is possible to better prepare for what the excavation will be about.

Because as we often notice in the field as archaeologist, wait the unexpected and often the last day and hours of an excavation….

  1. Ann says:

    Eventually (as in no timespan set) it is likely to be excavated, right? Just not by the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project?

    • Fredrik says:

      Yes, eventually sometime in the future it is quite probable that it will be excavated as a research excavation. Especially since an excavation of the wooden henge or what it is would bring more information about the landscape and maybe also about monuments errected before Stonehenge, so it is quite an important site. And physical excavation still brings more knowledge about a site than a georadar does.

      If I remember correctly there was an excavation very close to Stonehenge only a few years ago, so it is probably hard to get excavation permission but not impossible.

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