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Hello world!

I’ve launched two more Youtube videos. One is a Beta trailer for the ARATNE network but there is a lot of work to be done but trying out some different ways.

The second one is a great Youtube Easter egg on how to play the good ol’ game of Snake on Youtube!!

So check them out, leave comments and subscribe!!

Earlier archaeologists in Exeter have discovered and excavated a Roman fortof the former St Loye’s campus, off the Topsham Road.

The idea of a fort on the location was started about three years ago from a trial excavation.
Ditches reveled a fort and newly excavated ditches shows good indications that there was a second fort as well. The second fort is dated to the middle of the first century.
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Now in July the Iphone 4 have been released in 17 more countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

It will be very exciting to see how how the phone is received and now it will also on a much larger scale show how much errors and problems there is with the Iphone 4. But are you a tech person you probably expected some kind of problems since more or less every new technology have some errors in the beginning until both hardware and software will be updated. Even if the companies runs extensive tests it is impossible to discover everything…

If they have tested 10 000 phones as a beta test for a couple months it is a lot hours less than when the product reaches the public and millions of products are sold and the hours they are used are a lot more. That’s why it often is some previously unknown errors in new technology when it is released. But some errors shouldn’t happen in the first place…

Hello world!

This has been a very busy week! It has been a lot of things to do at work. I also have been working on some stuff: a research project, an article to write as well as I had a presentation of photogrammetry so it has been difficult to update the blog as usual. But now I’ll get some news out there! So stay tuned for updates today and during this weekend!

Sorry for not posting any news post today. The reason is I got myself a tripod to my camera and I’m quickly testing it tonight.

It seems like it will be of really good use to me and I will have some content about in the future, unboxing video, review as well as showing results with 3d-models and pointcloud how big difference the tripod makes.

Otherwise I’m busy working as usuall as well as a couple of secret projects are going on and one of them are in planning stage. Much time goes to get everything going here and finding good software for the things I want to do. By the way does anyone know of any good free or open-source software for recording what happens on your desktop? I have one now but I’m not fully satisfied….

I’m glad to announce that my first Youtube video is up! It is only an alpha version of a trailer for the site and network and will develop alot more especially since I’ve downloaded a trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 8 so it will hopefully be alot better than windows movie maker.

I hope the audioswap will work for the video as well! But check it out and say what you think! But remember it is just a very early test…

A dog have been found in a Swiss cave. It was around 14 000 years old! The dog was tested with radio-carbon dating which revealed the age.

But soon other scientists started to claim that much earlier evidence of dogs had already been found! But that wasn’t believed by everyone some researchers meant the earlier dogs had been wolves and the discussion was started! Only solution to this debate is the need of more canine fossils until then the debate will continue on…

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