Going to install Windows 7

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Archaeology, General, Historical Archaeology, Tech
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Hello world!

CES is now over and there seemed to be a lot of cool items but not sure how useful everything will be. For archaeology probably the most important thing showed on CES that I’m aware of is of course the increase in computer processors like the Intel 32 nanometer. Since archaeologists often work with more and more complex databases faster computers is great and needed. But it is quite rare to be honest that archaeologists get really fast computers at work, they are often one or two years old or even more is my experience. But it will be nice to be able to handle more information faster especially since databases often ends up with containing tens of thousands of posts.

One good thing as well to connect to archaeology is that the CPU will handle more calculations to help the GPU on the graphics cards especially since 3d-animation and running complex GIS-operations is more and more common. It feels like a bit going back to when the graphics card started to handle CPU and now it is the other way around. Who doesn’t remember the good old Voodoo 2 cards and Riva TNT 2 :D? So 2010 will probably be a good year for both tech nerds, archaeologists and the public in general.

But into the current computer “project” I’m currently working on. I’m currently running Windows Vista home premium 32-bit and it is ok. But it feels sometimes a bit slow and things I’ve read about Windows 7 was mostlyquite good. It seems to be almost as fast as Windows xp and faster than Windows Vista. A very good friend of mine have installed Windows 7 and showed it to me (thanks man!) and it seemed to be really good. It was a lotfaster and some good functions some similar to the ones seen in Snow Leopard on the Mac computers.

So now I’m cleaning my hard drives since I want to run two OS. I want to keep Vista on one partion and install Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on the other one. This is mostly to see so all my most important programs can run on Windows 7 so I’ll keep Windows Vista until I know everything I have, both software and hardware are running fine on Windows 7.

If I’m lucky and got the time I’ll try to install Windows 7 tomorrow Wednesday and I hopefully will get everything to work. If it works or at least my computer is still functioning I’ll post some results here on the blog tomorrow. And in the future I’ll probably post more about my expressions about Windows 7 when it is running compared to Windows Vista for all of you out there like me is thinking on upgrading or if you should wait a while or getting a new PC or Mac and run Windows 7 on it.

So stay tuned for more updates about Windows 7 install!

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