USB 3.0 is coming, SuperSpeed is fast! But will it win over Light Peak?

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Show, Tech
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USB 3.0 is shown at CES, the new (probably) standard for USB is coming in new technology soon. USB 3.0 is also called SuperSpeed which is a hint of its speed. USB 3.0 and a Intel SSD had a transfer rate at over 200 mb/sec which is really fast. The USB 3.0 is backwards compatible and will work with your old USB stuff but you won’t get the fast speed with old gear connected to USB 3.0. More and more motherboards are coming which has USB 3.0 and especially Gigabyte have the biggest support of the new standard, but most of the motherboards only have a few USB 3.0 port and still mostly USB 2.0.

But the battle doesn’t seem to be over just yet. Intel have been working on a standard they call Light Peak. They have been very successful doing tests with Light Peak driving a big HD display as well as saturating an SSD RAID all over one cable! They were running on OS X.

You can read more about USB 3.0 here

and a video about Intel’s Light Peak here

So the battle aren’t over yet in my opinion and it will be interesting to see what standard which will replace USB 2.0. With ever-increasing amounts of data a new fast standard will be important for more or less all users in the end whether you want it or not…


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