I’m back once again this time with CES Consumer Electronics show!!!

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Archaeology, Blog, General, Historical Archaeology, History, Show, Tech, Updates
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Hi everyone!

Once again I’m back from my silence. A lot have happened in my life which I couldn’t affect.

The saddest part have been that I’ve lost a very dear friend of mine just before Christmas in a train accident. He was 23 years old and a really happy guy and a great friend, may he rest in peace.

That’s the biggest reason for not blogging, I was very sad and just needed to be with my family and friends for a while. But life goes one and I will remember him for who he was and he will always be with me.

I have also finally finished my essay about the medieval church I was investigating and that felt really good :D. I will come back to the church in a later post and discuss the results and churcharchaeology since it is quite exciting.

For the next semester this spring I will only do my Bachelor thesis so I will have more time, looking for work and other stuff like blogging of course.

The blog will receive much more attention which is needed one reason is of course you my readers and subscribers really deserve it as well it develops me on a personal level as well as an archaeologist.

But is there any better to way to relaunch this blog but with the ongoing CES Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas!

I will post stuff from that I find interesting as well as maybe connecting it to archaeology if there is any cool gadgets for that.

And if you are interested in any special subject or gadget, let me know and I’ll check it up. I’m an archaeologist as well as a tech-geek more or less so CES is really great :D.

So stay tuned for some tech news coming your way!


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