Virtual museum launched on the Internet with 3d views of artifacts!

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Archaeology, General, History, Tech
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A unique “Virtual Museum of the European Roots” have been launched at an international conference in Rome.

Accessible through their web site  here , the virtual museum allows visitors to see prehistoric art in full 3D.

Visitors can rotate, scale and move images of the ancient artifacts. They can also take up to 16 thematic routes to explore some key aspects of prehistoric cultures, such as the invention of wine and the first writing systems.

Five tourist cultural itineraries are also online. Extending from Bulgaria to Italy and Romania, they follow fascinating paths filled with art, archaeology and nature.

“The museum provides the possibility to explore in a digital environment the common ancient matrix on which Europe is founded since prehistoric times for the discovery of our shared European cultural heritage,” project coordinator Marco Merlini said.

Read more at Discovery news and see an example of the 3d objects here


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