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Posted: December 6, 2009 in Archaeology, Blog, Historical Archaeology, History, Updates
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Hello world!

Since I’m often very busy in real life with my archaeology the blog updates suffer quite a bit. But to still do updates when I have very little time I will do news in a “short-form” like the one about the virtual museum.

In that way I can post more updates even when I’m really busy irl and I’ll include links to pages where you can read more about it. I hope this will be a good system and will increase my activity on the blog when I’m busy.

The coming week I will finish an exam about the Neolithic in Scandinavia as well as continue writing on my essay concerning a medieval church in Northern Scania. I will do some reports later on how the work is going and more information about the church I’m investigating. For know I can say it is dated to the late 12th century but some archaeologist means it was built in the 15th century. The most interesting and unusual part is in the paintings it had. There is a painted runic inscription which says Jesus Nasareus which means Jesus from Nazareth. It is painted directly on the plaster which is very unusual in Scandinavia.

If you have come in contact with runic inscriptions in churches in any way let me know it is an interesting subject. I might add the runic inscription is dated between sometime during the 15th century and 1787 when the priest mentions it in the annals of the church.

  1. loleth says:

    Tack så mycket! Känns som det kommer att funka bra

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