Computer problems

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Blog, General, Updates
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Hello world!

The blog has unfortunately been down again because of computer problems I’ve had the last week. It started when I installed a new fire wall which had received great critique on the Internet. The subscription on my old one had ended and I needed a new one. It was great in the beginning and the scanning of the system (it included antivirus as well) was great but after some updates it started to freeze my computer after I logged in to Vista.

After removing settings scan memory in startup which normally is a good setting to have it worked for  a while. A few more updates later it froze again and there were now more settings which scanned the memory at start-up. I removed those but the problem continued. There was no uninstall so I started msconfig and configured my autostart options removed that firewall and the computer was back on track finally.

So now everything is finally working again as it should be I got an another firewall which is working fine knock on wood. So the blog will continue now with updates and I’ll continue with my plans for it.

Have you any tips on software regarding antivirus, spyware, adware, fire walls etc both free and ones you have to pay for please feel free to post in the comments. Internet security is one thing I will discuss in the future since it becomes more and more important!

So keep your eyes open for more updates coming the next days!


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