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Hello world!

The blog has unfortunately been down again because of computer problems I’ve had the last week. It started when I installed a new fire wall which had received great critique on the Internet. The subscription on my old one had ended and I needed a new one. It was great in the beginning and the scanning of the system (it included antivirus as well) was great but after some updates it started to freeze my computer after I logged in to Vista.

After removing settings scan memory in startup which normally is a good setting to have it worked for  a while. A few more updates later it froze again and there were now more settings which scanned the memory at start-up. I removed those but the problem continued. There was no uninstall so I started msconfig and configured my autostart options removed that firewall and the computer was back on track finally.

So now everything is finally working again as it should be I got an another firewall which is working fine knock on wood. So the blog will continue now with updates and I’ll continue with my plans for it.

Have you any tips on software regarding antivirus, spyware, adware, fire walls etc both free and ones you have to pay for please feel free to post in the comments. Internet security is one thing I will discuss in the future since it becomes more and more important!

So keep your eyes open for more updates coming the next days!

During an excavation this summer archaeologists made a remarkable find, a new Stonehenge not far from the world-famous one! The new Stonehenge got the name “Bluestonehenge” after the 25 Welsh stones the monument consisted of. The monument was discovered on the west side of the river Avon. The monument have probably been about 10 metres in diameter and was surrounded by a henge which was a ditch with an external bank. The leader of the excavation is the archaeologist and Professor Mike Parker Pearson from the University of Sheffield.

Even if this new “Stonehenge” isn’t  really big it has quite an interesting story to tell. The bluish Welsh stones gathered at Preseli mountains of Wales 150 miles away from the site was removed thousands of years ago. The monument have probably been a sign marking the end on a route from Stonehenge to the river Avon and was constructed during the end of the Stone Age. The henge surrounding the monument was built about 2400 BC but during the excavations arrowheads were founds. The arrowheads was typological dated to be 500 years older so it is probable that the henge was built about 2900-2400 BC. Carbon-dating have been taken from the site but the results are not finished but will reveal more dating material to the site.

I think we have found incontrovertible proof that the river was very important to the people who used Stonehenge. I believe that the river formed a conduit between the living and the dead and this is the point where you leave the realm of the living at the river and enter the one of the dead at Stonehenge” says Parker Pearson.

Even if it is quite likely that the river have been important to leave the realm of the living and enter the one of the dead it is very hard to say today. Talking about peoples feeling in the past several thousands years ago is very difficult and are often based on ethnology and what we know about more modern times. Nevertheless sometimes it can be important and necessary to at least try to discuss peoples feelings from the past to understand our history and how humans have developed religion, society, rituals and so on over time. And when talking about human feelings it is sometime the way we feel most connected with the prehistoric human.

When the monument was constructed the builders used deer antlers as pickaxes which is quite common. The use of deer antlers was quite common during in the Stone Age and was quite common in Scandinavia and other places as well. The “Bluehenge” might be a form of form of early hengemonument related to the Stonehenge. The blue stones could have been moved from the river bank to Stonehenge but results from carbon-dating hopefully show if that is the case. Stonehenge was rebuilt about 2500 BC which the stones from “Bluehenge” could have been removed and incorporated in the Stonehenge. At 2500 BC the Stonehenge became Britain’s largest burial ground and archaeologist Parker Pearson thinks it is possible that people were cremated at “Bluehenge” and the ashes were later buried at Stonehenge. But the new monument show that the river Avon most likely have been of great importance and seems to a have relationship with Stonehenge. Hopefully the new results will present more information about the new henge as well as making the knowledge about the Stonehenge and Stone Age more rich and complete.

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Finally updating the blog!!!

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Hello world!

Finally I’m back again better than ever I hope :). I’m really sorry that I haven’t let you know what’s been going on and why the blog haven’t been updated in quite a while.

The reasons are two: for one thing I’ve got a cold which put me back a bit. Being sick isn’t fun whatsoever and I just tried to cure me to get back to normal as quickly as possible. I’m almost there now which makes me happy.

But the biggest reason is that I’ve been super busy with my university studies. As I’ve mentioned before, I have together with some other people been working on doing quite a lot of research regarding a block in the city of Lund in the southern part of Sweden close to Malmö. This has taken all my time but is to be finished tomorrow which makes that I’ll be a bit more available from now on. That means that I can update the blog again on a regular basis and keep things going.

I would like to give thanks to the people who have left comments, keep it up and feel free to give me feedback, comments, tips and tricks and let me know if you find exciting things to report on the Internet. It really doesn’t need to be related to archaeology or tech but I’ll keep the focus on those two subjects but other things that could interest me and the public is always good :).

I also would like to say thank you to all that have been visiting the blog during this “no update” period I had. I’m really glad that people are looking at the blog and hopefully comes back as well. Feel free to spread the word and leave comments!

Updates coming tomorrow is the plan!