Tyrannosaur vs Tyrannosaur

Posted: September 22, 2009 in Archaeology, Excavation, History
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A recent find of Tyrannosaurs Gorgosaurus the smaller cousin of the T-Rex show that two Tyrannosaurs have been fighting each other in a fight of the giants. The Gorgosaurus was eight to nine meter long. The full report was published in the journal Lethaia. Tyrannosaurs fighting and biting each other aren’t uncommon. There are a couple of theories why they went on each other, it could have been males fighting for females, it could be a family quarrel or maybe a part of the mating ritual. The find consisted of a jaw with teeth burrowed in it.

The dinosaur died at the latest a couple of weeks after the bite because there was no healing around the wound. It can also be cannibalism if the dinosaur was dead and a scavenger came around and took a bite from the dinosaur. The teeth was snapped off which supports that the dinosaurs were alive and probably fighting. The teeth grew back within two years so the wounds have a bigger problem than loosing a tooth.

Read the full article here


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