Inca mummies donated to Peru

Posted: September 14, 2009 in Archaeology, History
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A couple of well-preserved mummies, a women and probably her child have been donated to Peruvian local authorities. The donor who is anonymous gave the mummies to the authorities together with quite a large collection of artefacts of all different kinds. The womans age was from 35-40 and the child have died in a young age.

According to the Peruvian archaeologists the skull dimension is a sign of that the mummies were “high status” people and more research will be done. The mummies will hopefully reveal more information about the Incas.

See a video here

As an archaeologist and osteologist who works with bones both animal and humans it is really important to handle the mummies with great respect when you are working with them. You should never forget that it have been living human beings with feelings. Probably the best thing is to do the research and then rebury the remains which is more and more often the case. The artifacts that we dig up as archaeologists has also been used by humans which we should never forget and that is one exciting part of archaeology. The people in the past say things about ourselves and maybe a bit about the future. You could only hope that we could start learning from the past in a proper way….


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