Hackers have stolen £1000000 from United Kingdoms government and taxpayers!

Posted: September 14, 2009 in General, Tech
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The Police in the UK have started to investigate how it is possible for hackers to have stolen £1 millon from the government. The hackers sent themselves rebate to different bogus account to cover up the hack.

The government installed a new computer system so people could pay most fees online like parking tickets, tax etc. The system called the Gateway seems to be a gateway for the hackers to get money. The system with everything costs £ 18 000000 and was an initiative from Tony Blair so people could handle more government related things online.

Scotland Yard’s e-crime unit have arrested a man who could have something to do with latest hack. The e-crime unit is looking into if there is bugs and errors in the gateway system or if it is because of the many thefts from government employees.  In November the government ordered a complete shutdown of the system because a usb-stick was found at a car park at a pub. The usb-stick contained passwords to the gateway system.

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Many people became quite upset of this since they were looking forward to a rebate but now it will probably take some time before they get their money. That computers and other it-related things have been stolen or by mistake been open or accessible for the public is real serious. Hopefully there are no possible breaches in the gateway system but I don’t think there is any system that haven’t been hacked. The really advanced hackers hacks more or less everything and often the it-personal on a company doesn’t have the same skill level as the hackers.

If you are launching a new security system it almost feels like the best thing to do is let some experienced people try and “destroy” the system. Because the damage of a hacked system can be enormous. And educate your personnel so they really understand how important it is to handle your computer in a correct and secure way. Transport of usb-sticks maybe should have transports like a money transfer and not dropped at a car park…


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