Synagogue from around 50 BC-100 AD discovered at the Sea of Galilee

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Archaeology, History
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Archaeologists have recently discovered a synagogue in Jerusalem during the construction of a 122-room hotel.

In the middle of the main hall in the synagogue the archaeologists found a rare carved stone with a seven-branched menorah. According to the archaeologist supervisor Dina Avshalom-Gomi the stone is the first of its kind from the early Roman Period. The synagogues were very rare from this time period. This is because that many Jews at that time visited the big temple in Jerusalem three times a year instead of going to a local synagogue more often. The site was dated by coins and pottery.

The stone found could have been made by an artist that had visited the synagogue the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

The company building the hotel got excited from the findings the archaeologists did and seem to be planning a center to attract tourist to the site and later the hotel.

The artifact was found in the town of Migdal most known as probably being the birthplace of Mary Magdalene.

Read the full article here and here


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