Homing pigeon faster than the Internet! Surprised?

Posted: September 13, 2009 in Tech
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It all took place in South Africa where a pigeon was sent out with 4 gb of data as the same time as it was sent via the Internet. It was a South African call center that tried to send the information in different ways to their office 50 miles away. For the pigeon it took about 3 hours to do the flight. And in the same time the really slow Internet have sent around 100 mb. According to ABC News most of the Internet connections in Africa is via satellite.

You could read the full article here

Satellites are good for those hard to reach places but I really hope they get better connections. Internet is growing larger and larger by each second, the amount of data is now so enormous it is starting to get really abstract even if you are working within the business. At the same time as people get access to Internet the more computer power is required as well as the new technology is pressing the requirements for hardware up and up.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if bigger companies will establish in Africa and starting building a better infrastructure for broadband and Internet communication since the countries in Africa is a growing market.

Internet is really good but obviously cause problems and today when almost everyone is so stressed no one have the patience to sit and wait for the connection. A world without Internet would seem strange to many but would work as we hadn’t Internet before, I hope. The Internet is changing because the user you and I are having more and more power about the content. The media of today need to be available on the Internet and need to listen more to the public than ever before. Because if the media give a false picture of what happened there is often someone with a cellphone and digital cameras writing and posting on the Internet what really happened. So it has become a lot more power to the people but also to the largest companies that at least try to control the Internet and development in computer technology.


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