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Posted: September 12, 2009 in General
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Hi everyone on the Internet!

This is my first real attempt to blog and hopefully it will turn out really well.

Ok so you are probably wondering what this blog will be about. The title says it to some degree. I’ll post stuff that’s going on in the amazing world of archaeology from all over the world and all time periods, but probably with a bit of focus on Scandinavia since I know that best. It can be discoveries, new ways of using archaeology, where to find work, how it is to study and work with archaeology and of course a lot more.

The tech part of this blog will be about computers, tech news in all forms, videogames, videogames industry and so on. I’ll also combine tech and archaeology and try to post about metalldetecting, GIS, GPS, carbon-dating, dendrochronology and other ways that archaeology and tech stuff can be combined.

I’m also fully open for ideas and suggestions as well as cool news about archaeology and tech post them in the comments and I’ll look into it.

But who am I then? The name is Fredrik Larsson, 24 years old living in Lund in the southern part of Sweden 20 min car ride from Malmö. Living togheter with my fiancé and our cat. I’m currently studying historical archaeology which reaches from about 1050 AD (sometime the Viking Age is included as well) until today. Iv’e got a master degree in prehistoric archaeology about 10 000 BC-1050 AD and I’m working on to get a bachelor in historical archaeology. My main focus is the Viking age and the Middle Ages. I’m working hard to become an archaeologist and hopefully it will pay off. I also work with alot of stuff related to archaeology more or less doing an archaeological magazine, experimental archaeology, starting up some archaelogical projects and looking for work. I’ve got about a year of experience from excavations of all sorts, Stone Age, Iron Age, medieval farms, 16th-20th century farms, paleoinuit and Norse on Greenland, soapstone quarries but more about all that in the future.

My other big interest in life is reletad to tech stuff and software of all kinds. It’s mainly computers and stuff related to that but I’d like to learn about cameras, scuba diving and a lot more. I’m currently trying to learn html, css and php-programming but it really takes time but it’s great fun. Everything that’s going on in the world of tech is quite interesting especially in my perspective as an archaeologist as well to see long term development in the society and how our technological “progress” is continuing. I’m also trying to learn and update me in tech stuff related to archaeology like GIS, GPS, total stations, different kinds of methods of how to date material and how to work as an archaeologist.

This was a bit about the blog and myself. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and I’ll try to update as often as I can, the goal is at least once a day. I’m open for ideas, suggestions and please leave feedback in the comments and hopefully this blog will grow to be really useful and fun reading!

  1. Ser bra ut, Fredrik! Du följer redan Archaeogeek (http://www.archaeogeek.com/blog/) och GIS for Archaeology (http://www.gisarch.com/) antar jag? Ser fram emot att se vart det här tar vägen!

  2. Linda says:

    Men lillen Knipplas, en blogg! Så roligt! Jag är hemma nu från resa, ska på fest i Malmö. Ringer imorgon! Pusspuss och kram!

  3. Krister says:

    De e najs….ska bli intressant att läsa.

  4. loleth says:

    Tack så mycket allihopa! Ska göra mitt bästa för att detta ska bli så bra som möjligt och intressant. Tack för tipsen Emma, jag har tittat på de tidigare men var längesen. Ska kolla upp dem igen.

    Kom gärna med förslag och synpunkter!

    For the English-speaking people I might say hope you enjoy the blog, please leave feedback and comments.

    Some comments might be in Swedish from friends and family but all my posts will be in English.

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